V-Slider – Efficiency in all conditions


The hydraulic V-Slider is one of VAK’s groundbreaking innovations. In terms of its operating features and functionality, the V-Slider is in a class of its own.


The special feature of the V-Slider is a hydraulic, longitudinally sliding body which allows an easy coupling of a full-scale semi-trailer to the V-Slider. This makes a full-length (25,25m) combination possible, thus optimizing efficiency and versality.


The problem with the basic model of the B-Trailer has been the poor performance of the sliding bogie structure, on slippery surfaces in winter conditions for example. 

V-Slider´s electrohydraulic power unit, electrical switches, and hydraulic valves make effortless sliding possible.


VAK manufactures V-sliders with a cargo compartment according to your needs


The range on choices cover for example curtains, closed-body, or fully unfolding sides, or an ATP-classified cargo compartment.


VAK has filed a patent claim for its V-Slider solution, patent claim number 20090492.

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